We are so happy that you are wanting to join our Ayurvedic and Yoga Retreat in South India in November 2017.

Please NOTE: At the end of this application form you’ll have to submit your deposit of $700 and this can only be processed via credit card. If you need to make this payment some other way, please do not fill this form, contact us on jasmine@dandapani.org and we’ll assist you. Thank you.

Experience Acknowledgment and Acceptance

If you are comfortable with all of the below statements, check all the boxes then proceed to the rest of the application. If any of the below statements make you uncomfortable or you are unwilling to comply with them, please take some time and evaluate if this is the right trip for you. If after some reflection, you are certain that you are fully comfortable with all the below statements, then check all the boxes and please proceed and complete the rest of the application.

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